Introducing Languages of Ulster! This is a brand new educational trail at Ulster Folk Museum, allowing visitors to explore the rich and diverse language traditions associated with Irish-English, Irish and Ulster Scots. 

This self-guided tour explores the story of the Irish language through the places and people of the Ulster Folk Museum. The trail has been titled Cúl Trá-il, with its meaning derived from the Irish place name for Cultra (Baile Chúl Trá).

Cúl Tra-il visitors will enjoy the self-guided trail through an illustrated booklet or smartphone app, both of which will be available in English and Irish. The trail uses the living museum’s heritage setting to show the links between language, buildings, people and places. 

Our Languages of Ulster project shows how language belongs to everyone and that people from all backgrounds and traditions have a stake in a languages' future. By sharing the stories of the people and places around us, Languages of Ulster will challenge the assumptions that can be made about local languages, dialects and those who use them.

This is the first part of our wider Languages of Ulster project, with research currently underway to introduce an Ulster Scots trail that celebrates local languages and culture.

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