Cornelia Parker (born 1956) is one of the outstanding artists of her generation, and is best known for her highly original, often site-specific, installations.

Left Right & Centre is a film Parker made in 2017, in response to the snap General Election of that year. Now in the Ulster Museum Collection it is shown alongside 20th and 21st century art displayed in three areas: 1890s-1950s, 1950s-1970s, 1970s-now. Many of the artists selected have introduced a new way of looking at conventional subjects and, like Cornelia Parker, have set out to break the framework of traditional artistic representation.

Much of Cornelia Parker’s work deals with the fragility of existence and the transformation of matter, and she consistently challenges and subverts many of the deeply-held traditions of contemporary society. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic everyday life has been profoundly altered. As we re-emerge in a post-Covid world, Parker’s work challenges us to consider how we perceive and respond to the new and invisible boundaries which now frame our daily lives. 

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