Sharks are iconic and misunderstood species with long evolutionary history. There are over 500 living shark species, all with unique adaptations, that have radiated into nearly every aquatic habitat. There is tremendous diversity in shark species life histories, reproductive modes, habitat use, sensory biology, ecology and behaviour.

Discover our local sharks by joining Sea Deep project coordinator from Ulster Wildlife, Heidi McIlvenny, for this live online course. During this course, Heidi will share her knowledge of these incredible but under-threat animals, their important role in our seas, and the ongoing conservation efforts of the Sea Deep project. What’s more, learn how you can get involved in local shark conservation– without even getting wet! 

The course will be run online via Zoom from 10am-1.30pm with a coffee break in between. Once you have booked your place, you will receive details for joining the Zoom meeting. Note that you do not need to have a Zoom account to take part, but you will need a device with an output screen and an internet connection.

Sea Deep are kindly running this course free of charge but if you would like to support the project, or other Ulster Wildlife initiatives, we encourage you to do so by visiting