There is a representative selection of trams and buses used in Belfast as well as examples from Fintona, Howth, Bessbrook and the Giant’s Causeway.

The Wheels of Business exhibition shows the enormous variety of vehicle types used in the private commercial and public service sectors locally. Horsedrawn milk and bread carts stand beside a battery-powered experimental post van. Delivery bikes, vie for attention with taxis and chauffeur-driven vehicles. Their common purpose is that they were once driven by those who earned their livelihood driving.

The Car gallery features a display of DeLorean cars alongside more common makes and models including Peugeot, MG, Mercedes, Morris, Riley, Hillman and Ford. There is also a small garage showing How it used to be.

The Driven exhibition shows how vehicles have helped to achieve their driver’s goals. Some sporting ones, some help to overcome disability, one bicycle shows an intriguing solution to a shortage of rubber for tyres.

We look at the origins and development of wheeled horsedrawn vehicles on the farm and taking produce to market in the On the Hoof display.

The horsedrawn theme is continued in the next gallery where the Taken for a Ride exhibition shows the pinnacle of the coachbuilder’s craft in the late Victorian period. Finely made chariots for formal occasions share the gallery with market carts and phaetons used for leisure to promenade in the park.