Rocky Shore Invertebrates

Learn about the variety of marine invertebrate species that occur on our rocky shores and how to identify them.

- , Mon 10 Jun 2019

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During this 1 day course, participants will learn the basics of marine invertebrate taxonomy and biology and how to identify different species using a range of techniques.

Starting with an interactive classroom session at Queen’s Marine Laboratory, Portaferry, tutors Dr Julia Sigwart (Queens University Belfast) and Dr Christine Morrow (National Museums Northern Ireland) will guide participants through marine invertebrate taxonomy, biology and identification, through a mix of presentations and examining live specimens under the microscope.  

This will be followed by a visit to the nearby rocky shore at low tide to explore invertebrate species in situ, before returning to the lab in the afternoon for further species identification.

This course is open to adults with an interest in local marine biodiversity and all levels of species identification experience.

Course Cost: £25 per person.