Join us for a varied programme of talks, exhibitor displays and informal discussions to find out more about how scientists are using peatlands to:

  • understand patterns of climate change, including previous episodes of climate warming
  • uncover evidence for major volcanic eruptions
  • learn about past cultural landscapes from bog bodies and other archaeological remains
  • use state-of-the-art engineering and ecological approaches to restore damaged peatlands, arrest biodiversity loss and improve water quality


Graeme Swindles (University of Leeds): ‘Irish Peatlands as Natural Time Capsules’

Gill Plunkett (Queen’s University Belfast): ‘A Pillow of Turf: the Iron Age Bog Body Phenomenon’

Maurice Eakin (National Parks and Wildlife Service) and Trish Fox (Ulster Wildlife) 'For Peat's Sake: Fixing Ireland's Raised Bogs' 


Over drinks in the atrium of the museum, chat informally with representatives from over 20 environmental agencies, charities and other groups involved in peatland research and conservation across Ireland (full list available below). This will include groups involved in protecting fragile bog species, engineers involved in restoration projects, and international scientists whose work uses tiny fossils buried deeply in the peat to reconstruct thousands of years of environmental change. Speak to conservation groups about volunteering or sign up to find out more.

Important information

  • This event is free and all are welcome.
  • Drinks and finger food will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Event supported by Royal Society of Biology, British Ecological Society - Peatlands Special Interest Group, Quaternary Research Association, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast

Participating Agencies and Volunteer Groups