Ulster Folk Museum

The Butterfly and the King

Hear a long-forgotten Irish myth told once more and write your own legendary creations

- , Sat 22 Feb 2020

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Tickets are £5.50

Discover the legend of Midhir and Étaoin, retold in the fun kids’ book The Butterfly and the King. This fun session, led by a master storyteller, is perfect for kids between nine and eleven. They’ll hear the story and then write their own creative response.

This event is suitable for ages 8+. Tickets are limited and must be booked on this page to avoid disappointment.

Children must be accompanied by adults.  Adults can purchase a general admission ticket on the day for this event or at the following link - https://www.nmni.com/our-museums/Ulster-Folk-Museum/Visitor-information/visitor-prices.aspx