The ‘Troubles’ affected almost everyone who lived here and many others from further afield. Inevitably the interpretation of this period of our history is contested in terms of significance, meaning and responsibility. While we have a shared past we do not have a shared memory. The aim of this gallery is to ensure a diverse and inclusive approach and to encourage community involvement.

The Troubles did not take place in a vacuum. Major changes were taking place in society and the economy at the same time. The reality of life is reflected in our personal memories and the photographs and mementoes that underpin our family history.

This exhibition brings together the wider social, economic, cultural, and political, influences which have shaped Northern Ireland. Objects on display include civil rights posters, prison artwork, LGBT history and Lady Mary Peters’ Olympic gold medal.

As part of an ongoing initative, this exhibition will evolve and change over time and bring more objects and personal stories to the fore. Do you have objects, photographs or stories that you would like to share with the museum? If so, we would be interested to hear from you. Please contact Karen Logan, Project Curator, at