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  • The Troubles and Beyond: Reviewing 1968-1969
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Ulster Museum

The Troubles and Beyond: Reviewing 1968-1969

Former protagonists will give short talks on their experiences of this period followed by a Q&A session.

- , Fri 08 Nov 2019

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The period 1968-1969 saw a wave of protest spread across the world and Northern Ireland took its place in this global phenomenon. Revisiting this period allows for the opportunity to discuss experiences and interpretations of events, the potential inevitability of conflict and the impact of this pivotal time in Northern Ireland.

Former protagonists of the period 1968/9 will give short talks on this period followed by questions chaired by Dr Chris Reynolds from Nottingham Trent University.

Speakers include:

  • Anne Smyth
  • Brid Ruddy
  • Nelson McCausland
  • Aidan McKinney

This event is free. To book please contact Eadaoin Gibney - Eadaoin.Gibney@nmni.com or 028 9044 0100

In partnership with Nottingham Trent University