Explore Titanic and her world. In this exhibition you will discover how and why Titanic and her sister ships, Olympic and Britannic, were built in Belfast. Local enterprise and skills combined to produce vessels of exceptional quality and design.

A century later we are still fascinated by Titanic. Fascinating artefacts and personal stories will help you to find out more about life on board Titanic, her sisters and how the story of this ship has endured in myth and memory. Explore the short but dramatic life of Titanic and the events leading up to her tragic loss in 1912.

Designing Titanic

In 1907 the concept of the three ships, Olympic,Titanic and Britannic was born. Discover why they were designed to be the largest and most luxurious in the world.

Building Titanic

Turning the intricate shipbuilding plans into a finished ship was an enormously complex task. Learn about the skills of the thousands of shipyard workers at Harland & Wolff who toiled tirelessly to take each ship from plan to completion.

Titanic Stories

Discover the stories of people involved with Titanic both in 1911-1912 and one hundred years later. What was life like on board the ship? How did the Titanic tragedy affect individuals? And what does Titanic mean to us today?

Three Sister Ships

Titanic (1912) and her two sister ships, Olympic (1911) and Britannic (1914), formed the White Star Line’s Olympic class. Explore the stories of these magnificent liners and their three very different fates.

Remembering Titanic

Titanic endures in the public imagination and in popular culture. See how she has been remembered and her story re-imagined through film, music and all manner of memorabilia.