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Film: In the Name of God

A Troubles Art event

- , Thu 22 Aug 2019

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In the Name of God is a short, experimental BBC film from 1972. It depicts the impact of conflict on everyday life in Belfast. The film’s style is gritty, authentic and observational. It mixes images of bomb damage, dereliction and street evangelism with sometimes discordant music. The effect is allow audience to connect/engage with Troubles’ realities in ways that extend beyond the more familiar picture conveyed by archive news broadcasts.


In the Name of God is an unsettling and affecting watch. It captures vanished streetscapes and buildings, urban deprivation and an almost surreal sense of normalcy in the midst adversity. The film’s mood is sombre and somewhat depressing, but it is also shot through with visual quirks and unexpected humour. It is widely regarded as a piece of innovative programme-making and is thought-provoking at lots of different levels.

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