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  • Film: The Venus de Milo Instead

Ulster Museum

Film: The Venus de Milo Instead

A Troubles Art event

- , Thu 05 Sep 2019

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The Venus de Milo Instead was written by Anne Devlin for BBCNI television in 1987. A gentle, funny and thought-provoking drama it explores issues of identity through the experiences of a Catholic teacher and her developing relationship with pupils at a largely Protestant school. The film’s dialogue is beautifully observed and its depiction of school life and the preoccupations of adolescence (fashion, romance and authority) are described in the context of the late 1980s. A trip to Paris provides the focal point of the drama and reveals the power of art and elsewhere to transform the sense that we have of ourselves and each other. All of this is short through with humour and has a lightness of touch. A memorable and enjoyable watch…

Anne Devlin is an award-winning author and playwright. Her experiences as a teacher helped to inform her depiction of classroom situations and dynamics. This film, which won critical and popular acclaim, was directed by Danny Boyle and was one of six dramas that he produced and directed for BBCNI television. It features Lorcan Cranitch, Jeananne Crowley, Tony Doyle, Iain Cuthbertson and several other familiar faces from the local theatre.

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