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Unesco and Italy, when 'Il Belpaese' is in the Guinness Book of Records

This lecture will present some old and new UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy, giving a full flavour of what happens behind the scenes when a new site is added to UNESCO’s List.
Stefano Brambilla

- , Sat 20 Jan 2018

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Who decides which sites will become World Heritage Sites? How many sites of a single country are nominated every year? And how is it possible that some key places for the Italian history and arts have not yet entered the list?

In this lecture, delivered by Stefano Brambilla, we will find out how a UNESCO site is born, what are the requirements to apply for a place in this distinguished list, what happens behind the scenes – since it is not so immediate that a proposed site will become an effective one. Also, we will consider the 53 Italian sites, to discover which are the Italian regions that have no sites yet and the ones that boast more UNESCO sites than many countries in the world.

Stefano Brambilla is content manager and editor in chief of the Touring Club Italiano website.