Join us on 28th May for a public and participatory performance from HIVE choir! The event, which visitors are welcome to participate in, will be guided by John D’Arcy and HIVE Choir around the Ulster Folk Museum Site from 12pm.

We are pleased to announce HIVE as our introductory ‘artists in residence’ with Wait till I tell ye! as part of the National Museums NI Languages of Ulster project. Vocal ensemble HIVE Choir, under the direction of John D’Arcy, create music from found text and often use verbal notation and audio technologies. Using the inspiration of the Tape Recorded Survey, HIVE Choir will explore the sounds that shape our language through a public performance on the streets of Ballycultra.

In 1972 a group of researchers set out to record the way people spoke in Ireland. Their project began in Ulster and later expanded across the entire island. ‘The Tape Recorded Survey of Hiberno-English* Speech’ (TRS) is now part of the National Museums NI sound archive and is an invaluable resource in capturing Irish-English but also the voices of the past and our oral histories.

Please visit the ticket kiosk for a general admission ticket to the Ulster Folk Museum where you will encounter HIVE throughout the day.

Please be aware that the event will be discreetly filmed. 

*Hiberno-English now referred to as Irish-English (I-E)