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Ulster Museum

Evening Wildlife Talks

A series of talks by wildlife experts to celebrate Dippy's visit to the Ulster Museum.
In partnership with the Northern Ireland Ornithologists’ Club, Belfast Naturalists' Field Club and Belfast Geologists' Society

Wed 03 Oct 2018 - Tue 11 Dec 2018

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While Dippy sleeps in his gallery upstairs, come along to the lecture theatre to hear wildlife experts give a series of talks on the following  evenings.

  • Admission is free
  • Booking is not required
  • Talks start promptly at 7.30pm
  • Lectures in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ornithologists’ Club (NIOC), Belfast Naturalists' Field Club (BNFC) and Belfast Geologists' Society (BGS)

3 October

NIOC: Biodiversity – why does it matter?

Richard Gray

Richard is Head of Biodiversity and Conservation Science with the NIEA. While concentrating on local issues, he will also cover the importance of Biodiversity in an International context.

9 October

BNFC: Marooned Species

Dr Brian Nelson, National Parks and Wildlife Service

Ireland may not have snakes or moles, but there a surprising number of invertebrates that we do have here that are not found in Britain. How did they get here and why are they missing from our nearest island neighbour?

17 October

NIOC: Lough Neagh Eels - The History of Lough Neagh Fishermans Co-operative

Pat Close

Pat Close, the Chairman/CEO of the fishery, will explain the complex life cycle of the Lough Neagh Eel and the importance of its conservation.

7 November

NIOC: Cornwall’s Hidden Wildlife Gems

Hannah Stitfall

Hannah is an accomplished zoologist and wildlife filmmaker with a love for creative natural history story-telling. She has worked with Springwatch and the Back the Blue Belt Marine Campaign.

13 November

BNFC: Why Ireland has (almost) no Dinosaurs

Dr Mike Simms, National Museums Northern Ireland

Ireland has almost no dinosaur fossils? Were they banished long ago by St Patrick, or is there a more rational explanation? (Not suitable for children)

19 November

BGS: Ireland’s Lost Monsters

Nigel Monaghan. Keeper of Natural Sciences, National Museum of Ireland

Nigel has spent many years in pursuit of the remains of some of our ‘lost monsters’, extinct animals such as Woolly Mammoth, Giant Deer and Brown Bear.

21 November

NIOC: Dippy and other Dinosaurs and Birds

Dr Patrick J Orr, UCD School of Earth Sciences

A talk about dinosaurs and birds to celebrate Dippy’s visit to the Ulster Museum.

5 December

NIOC: Birds of Inishboffin

Anthony McGeehan

Over the years, Anthony has spent many weeks on Inishboffin, an island off the west coast of Ireland. This year he aims to spend the most of October there. Come and hear how he fared.

11 December

BNFC: Praeger’s Island

Dr Matthew Jebb. National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

Robert Lloyd Praeger, from Holywood, Co. Down, is our most famous naturalist, author of best-selling books and nature travelogues about Ireland, and the mastermind behind the world’s first ‘island biodiversity survey’.